Monicah Kyalo

Monicah believes every person has a powerful story to tell and that education is a right and essential for every boy and a girl in the world. She loves reading books, travelling and meditating. She earned a B.A in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Public Safety from Karatina University. Monicah is self-disciplined, energetic and possesses a high sense of responsibility. She believes in herself and is wonderful role model for our students.

“I am always moved and delighted working with young learners when doing LevelUp Village (LUV) projects. We create and test many projects with the learners where we captivate their imaginations and nurture them at an early age. Seeing the joy in their faces when viewing their partners videos and photos from the U.S. is one of my treasured moments. At that very moment, you can see the connection happening in reality. Doing Read Aloud to the LitClub students and Expanding Horizons students is always a breathtaking moment. They are able to comprehend the story and master the character names. They always remind you the name of the character every time you visit them. Happiness glows inside me at this moments.”

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