James Musyoka

Executive Director, Kenya

Co-founder of Kenya Connect, James brings over a twenty years experience in community development to Kenya Connect along with a deep commitment to global peace. He strongly believes in culture as a resource and education as a tool for empowering communities to self-sustenance.  James’ innovative spirit, creativity, and dedication has resulted in Kenya Connect being the leading NGO in Mwala sub-county with 55 partner schools participating in our programs.  An avid reader, he is thrilled that Kenya Connect’s work is nurturing a village of readers.  In 2018, James presented a session at the Gupta Family Foundation Symposium about the importance of breaking down barriers to education while providing well-designed enrichment programs.  James graduated with B.A in anthropology from the University of Nairobi in 1997. He is married and a proud father of three daughters.

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