Faith Doucette

Faith Doucette is a native of Wamunyu, Kenya. She speaks Kamba, Swahili, English, Spanish, and is currently pursuing French and Italian. She graduated from the Connecticut Culinary Institute and the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco, California, and has an extensive background in the Hospitality Industry spanning over 22 years.

Faith is a gifted speaker with a compelling story and a tremendous ability to encourage people look beyond their circumstances. Having grown up in poverty, she truly understands the significance of the ability to look beyond ourselves and see the needs of others. She values the importance of teaching others how to help themselves and prosper. Faith came to Kenya Connect in early 2013 after reading an online article about the Learning Resource Center in Wamunyu. When she is not assisting and inspiring others, she enjoys reading, traveling and immersing herself in other people’s cultures.

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