Chris Cochran

Chris Cochran is a PayPal Strategic Partnership Manager, working the last 12 years to help banks, large merchants, non-profits, government entities, and other organizations grow their digital services and offer safer, more convenient payment services for their customers. Since 1994, Chris has been part of three successful startup technology companies, including the local company that was acquired by PayPal. When he isn’t working, Chris has been a youth sports coach with local girls and boys recreational and travel baseball, softball and basketball teams for more than 14 years (and 28 teams). He has also served as a church youth group leader for 10 years, helping lead teen youth retreats, community outreach missions and pilgrimage trips to Iona, Scotland and Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

It was during an Outdoor Education Weekend in 2007 with the sixth grade school class of one of his sons, when Chris first learned from Kenya Connect founder Tim Gregory the Swahili proverb, “Haba na haba hujaza kibaba,” meaning “Little by little the container is filled.” Chris traveled to the Kenya Connect Wamunyu Learning Resource Center in October, 2018, to work with the staff and area students, and to help with the Kenya Connect 5K race. Chris has a BA from The College of William and Mary in Virginia.

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