Catherine Ndinda

Business Officer

Catherine is a certified Public accountant and holds a diploma in Business Administration from South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). She is the newest member of the Kenya Connect staff joining us in January 2020. She is responsible for managing Kenya Connect’s accounting including managing grants and coordinating with the U.S. accountant. Catherine is a self-driven person who strongly believes in hard work and sheer determination as the foundation to achieving one’s life aspirations. Her hobbies include reading and learning new things.

“The most satisfying job element in my career is working with numbers, analysing data and the opportunity to solve problems. Working with QuickBooks software which simplifies accounting procedures and processes is an exciting experience to utilize technology to streamline financial data for multiple accounts. My favourite moment is when I get the opportunity to accompany staff on their day to day activities in carrying out their duties in the different KC Programs especially when I visit LitClubs. I love seeing the energetic and confident students.”

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