Sponsor a Student for Secondary School

FORTY students have been funded for Secondary School thanks to The School Fund (TSF) and the donors who have supported these students. High achieving, but living in extreme poverty, these students would not have been able to attend school without this support. Kenya Connect has provided extra support to these hard working students. During the school holidays, Kenya Connect provides study support, enrichment programs, access to technology and books, and field trips. All of these support programs are to help the students be successful in an effort to help them realize their dreams. In addition to working with the students, our staff meets with their parents/guardians each term to discuss student progress and how the parents can best support their children.

Excited to make a difference in the life of a student?  Do you think it would be neat to journal with a secondary student encouraging him/her to work hard in school and providing inspiration?  A donation to The School Fund will make that difference! theschoolfund.org