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KC15! Gala Info and Tickets

Special guests include: Mr. James Musyoka of Wamunyu, Kenya- Cofounder, Director of Operations and Field Director of Kenya Connect Mr. Tim Gregory, Washington DC- Cofounder and founding Executive Director His Excellency Robinson Njeru Githae, Kenya Ambassador to the United States Mr Exaudi John of Arusha, Tanzania – Owner/Operator of Allure African Safari Delicious cocktail fare …

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Hand Washing Stations + Liquid Soap + School Buy-in = Healthier Kids

By James Musyoka, Co-Founder, Field Director and Director of Operations While it’s a significant achievement to leverage local innovation to create and install efficient hand washing stations at schools in rural Kenya, it’s another to keep them all in use. Over the last five years, Kenya Connect has installed hand washing stations at all of …

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