We’ve accomplished so much!

We are thrilled that in 2016, 2017, and 2018 students at our partner schools in the Mwala subcounty had the highest KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) scores for which the Ministry of Education officials and Head Teachers attribute to Kenya Connect programs.

Here’s some numbers:

  • Water tanks installed at all 55 partner schools
  • 74 hand washing stations installed at partner schools with several schools having multiple stations and a self-sustaining liquid soap program implemented at all schools
  • Over 2500 students have received Library Cards for the first time and participate in school library day programs
  • The first-ever Reading Challenge launched in June 2019 with 505 students participating.
  • 3,248 SunKing Pico solar lights have been distributed in our “rent-to-own” program so students from our partner schools can read and study at their homesteads. Another 1,311 pico lights have been issued to 8 schools in Kyaithani cluster. As parents pay funds, more lights are purchased to distribute to the community
  • Students at 30 partner schools participate in quarterly deworming programs
  • Wings Poa, Kenya Connect’s reusable sanitary pad program is being piloted at 6 schools and two affiliated groups of secondary students with close to 400 girl beneficiaries
  • 600 students have completed KC’s 8 week basic technology program
  • 800 students have taken STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) classes through Level Up Village including Global Inventors using Tinker Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Sketch up programs, Global Conversations and Coding video games
  • 40 students have been funded for secondary school through The School Fund and have participated in KC enrichment programs including tutoring during breaks, geocaching field trips, and special workshops with visiting teams
  • 14 teacher professional development workshops led by visiting teachers from the U.S.
  • The creation of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) with two cohorts of teachers participating in this program that helps teachers implement the new Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).
  • 43 teachers participating in the U.S. Embassy’s Teachers of English MOOC’s (online) classes
  • 21 secondary students participating in the 2 year U.S. Embassy English ACCESS program
  • 125,000 letters exchanged since 2002 in Kenya Connects Pen Pal program
  • 21 secondary students selected as Peace Ambassadors and have created 3 Peace Clubs through the U.S. Embassy’s Peace Club program
  • 5 Kenya Connect 5K races held in Wamunyu and the United States

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