3D Design and Printing: A Micro Project with Team4Tech

by Maureen Gichoi, Technology Assistant

Kenya Connect’s Edtech hub acts as a haven for students during school breaks. It is an awesome place for students to tinker, create and innovate. With Chromebooks and laptops connected to Internet and Legos available for students to use, they are able to learn through play and come up with new innovations. 

3D printing is quite a new technology for the rural students. Kenya Connect purchased a MakerBot replicator 3D printer at our EdTech hub thanks to our partnership with Team4Tech. As technology staff we did not know how to go about teaching young students 3D printing skills. Through Team4Tech’s Micro-matching pilot program, I am excited to share the incredible journey we’ve had in the EdTech Hub, thanks to the innovative 3D printing curriculum developed by Liliko Uchida, a volunteer from Cadence.

Over the school holiday break, we dived into the world of 3D printing with our students, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including 3D printing terminology, its real-world applications, the anatomy of a 3D printer, materials used in 3D printing, and the process of turning ideas into reality. Additionally, students learned how to download 3D models from the internet and use Tinker CAD, a user-friendly 3D design software.

One of the best parts of this curriculum is how easy it is to follow. Even students who had never heard of 3D printing before could grasp the concepts quickly and start creating their designs. This experience has not only expanded their skillset but has also empowered them to think critically, solve problems creatively, and embrace technology with confidence.

There was excitement in the classroom as our students watched their ideas come to life right before their eyes. They were able to unleash their creativity in ways they never thought possible.

We are grateful to Liliko Uchida and Team4Tech for providing us with such a valuable resource. We can’t wait to see where our students’ newfound skills take them!