Sign Up for Running to Read in Wamunyu

Please join us for Kenya Connect’s Running to Read 5K+ race being held on Saturday, October 7th in Wamunyu. This year, we have an incredible lineup of teams from 30 of our partner schools, all part of our School Mobile Library program, competing for the prestigious Running to Read trophy. The winners will etch their names on the esteemed Running to Read plaque! With the theme “Running to Read,” students, teachers, and community members will come together for a jubilant day dedicated to celebrating the magic of books. At the event, we will also be celebrating the 2023 Reading Challenge’s Queen and King Reader, the students who have read the most books over a three-month span. We welcome runners to join the students in the race by signing up and paying KSH 1000 which provides the race entry fee and a race t-shirt.

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This race was created to aid in our work to build a culture of reading while also helping to raise funds for our literacy programs. Participants of the event will experience the energy of 200+ people championing literacy and the love of reading! Our festive day features a lively parade, the crowning of the Queen and King Reader, and a run uniting the community in the spirit of learning. We will also have a visiting volunteer team from the U.S. including Dr. Sharon Runge, our non-profit Executive Director in the U.S. and various local officials. Awards will be given for the top male/female participating in the race in the 20-40 age category and the 41-70 age category.

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We invite you to watch a short race of the 2022 Running to Read Festival: