Celebrating World Toilet Day!

The Power of Poop in the Loop By Brian Mateli

World Toilet Day is a memorable day to celebrate toilets for the innovation of taking our waste to protect our dignity, health, and safety. Each year, World Toilet Day is celebrated on November 19 highlights the importance of sanitation  and hygiene in driving improvements in public health, gender equality, education, economic development, and environmental protection.

The day also raises awareness that about 3.6 billion people do not have access to a toilet.

“We should all care more about toilets. If you have one, thank it. Life without a toilet is dirty, dangerous, and undignified. Public health depends on toilets. Toilets also drive improvements in gender equality, education, economics, and the environment. There will be no sustainable future without toilets. Governments must work four times faster and ensure toilets for all by 2030.” United Nations Report.

In Wamunyu, Kenya Connect has installed composting toilets since they are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and comfortable instead of pit latrines. In our community, poop seems disgusting, but it has emerged as a goldmine through the compost toilets. Despite the challenges of the community adapting to the new sanitation system and sustainability, compost toilets have been piloted and it is evident that it has quite several benefits. 

In the Wamunyu area, the compost toilets are being used by 535 students from 3 primary schools, 18 teachers, and 41 community members who have commented on their cleanliness, free from bad smell and flies, and their  lack of splashing effect, which  cause some bacterial infections especially in women. “I no longer feel insecure during the night since I acquired the compost toilet because I placed it in my bedroom and no one can ever notice there is a toilet around, and I also feel comfortable when using because you only sit like a normal seat.” – Kavivya community member.

 The toilets are being applauded for not sinking and their eco-friendliness for not contaminating underground water and that they require little water to wash the receptacles once they are emptied. Above all, the compost toilets are just incredible because at the end of the day, the waste is decomposed to form rich humanure used to grow crops. “I like compost toilets because they do not sink during the rainy season like pit latrines, are comfortable to use, have no bad smell and also no flies, Thanks to Kenya Connect.”- Kola Nguku- Maanzoni PS student.

It has been very beneficial to our Moringa program as we see the trees thrive from the nutrients of the humanure. It was a significant milestone for Kenya Connect undergoing the whole process of managing the compost toilet program and the composting process where the humanure was sampled to test for safety in authorized laboratories, and guess what, we got positive results the humanure has high nutrients and is so much safe for farming. “I would like to purchase two trailers of this compost humanure to apply on my farm during the coming rain season for more yields.” Mwanzia Muendo – Maanzoni PS parent expressed interest in buying the humanure.

 Since poop is everywhere, it is high time humans take responsibility for managing their poop and all living organisms as nature never wastes anything, but humans do. It is a great honor to celebrate compost toilets during this special day for their numerous benefits to humans and the environment at large. Poop is no longer a waste but a resource; know the value of your poop!

Humanure from compost Compost Toilets

Using Humare to grow Moringa