“I am so excited to use a camera for the first time,” said Faith. She is part of HerShot, a new Enrichment Program for five girls at the Mbaikini Girls High School. HerShot, created and run by Nataki Hewling, is a program designed to open the world of professional photography to girls. Nataki sent cameras for the girls to use which were carried by a visiting team. Last week the students met with Nataki via zoom and learned how to use a camera and about the photography profession. Ruth commented, “I didn’t know that people worked professionally as photographers. This is exciting!” The students will meet with Nataki and other women photographers. They will also exchange and critique photographs with girls in New York. Later in the year, the girls photos will be displayed in our Library Learning Center.

Do you have a digital camera you would like to donate for the program? Contact sharon@kenyaconnect.org.