Happy International Day of the Girl!

We’re celebrating the “International Day of the Girl Child” by sharing the hopes and dreams of girls who are part of Kenya Connect programs.  We are working to empower the girls in our community so they can live into their dreams and make a difference.

Hear THEIR voices.  Support THEIR Dreams.

“Terrible things have been done to girls, and they have been quiet about it. I want their voices to be heard. I want them to know their rights. I want them to live without fear of being silenced” She plans to study journalism in university so she can tell untold stories of how people overcame challenges in their lives.  Songwa, Form 2

Mwende dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon because there aren’t enough neurosurgeons in the country, so many people go untreated. “I want girls to be educated, know their rights, improve the community, and uplift the boy child. I also want to see girls in powerful positions so they can bring change to the rural communities.” Mwende, Form 3

“I want all girls to have access to pads, good education, and opportunities. I want them to create awareness about sexual child abuse and build homes for street children. But, more than anything else, I want them to respect and value themselves.” Rachel hopes to be a respected person in society and to sponsor other kids, especially street children. Rachel Form 1

Stacy hopes to pass her exams and attend St Mark’s for her secondary school education and dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. Her desire was influenced by a story she read about a neurosurgeon who helped a baby get well through brain surgery. Stacy Grade 6

Kanini hopes and dreams of becoming a poet. She enjoys poetry because it brings her joy. She hopes by becoming a poet, she can bring joy to other people. Kanini Grade 6

Mueni dreams of becoming a farmer and contribute to food security. She wants to plant trees and supply building materials such as timber. Her dream was influenced by a visit to Muthoki Lodge.  “I want girls to plant trees and help the needy.” Grade 6

“My hopes and dreams for all the girls are that they study hard, complete school, have good careers, plant a lot of trees, and build many hospitals.” Esther, grade 6

Abigail dreams of becoming a lawyer so she can settle disputes and avoid conflicts. Abigail Grade 7