F5 Awards KC $50k for STEM Education!

Kenya Connect and partner SeaVuria were awarded a $50,000 Grant from F5 for our work to strengthen Secondary School STEM education through Teacher Professional Development, providing classroom equipment and enrichment programs, and a Science Extravaganza and Mentor Program.
Connections are at the heart of Kenya Connect’s work and we are beyond thrilled to have a new connection with F5, a company who believes, “making connections is at the heart of what we do.”
This grant is especially timely as our work with STEM teachers take on a significant urgency. In reviewing the KCSE scores at the end of the last academic year, we learned that students had dismal scores in biology, chemistry, physics and maths. Lacking basic teaching resources and instructing students through rote presentations has resulted in students in Wamunyu, the Kyaithani Cluster and Taita-Teveta region being left behind. As a result, Kenya Connect joined forces with SeaVuria, an NGO with a similar mission, to develop an on-line series of Professional Development designed for science and mathematics teachers. Using the concept of sensemaking, teachers are looking about strategies on how to make sense of difficult topics through engaged student learning. Over 45 teachers are participating in the program (despite the challenges of having internet, power, and finding a device to use) and the grant will help us supply them with chromebooks so they can access google docs and other resource materials so they can fully participate in the program. These teachers have been posting how they have adopted new strategies in a “WhatsApp group” so they can learn from each other.
“We are very grateful to F5 for their endorsement of our important work with secondary science and maths teachers. Our professional learning series provides these teachers with research-based teaching strategies that are student-centered and engaging. We have been very inspired by our 45+ participating teachers who have used these strategies in their classrooms, shared classroom videos and offered inspiration to their colleagues. These funds will allow us to expand our program and positively impact learning for many more children throughout the region.” MaryMargaret Welch, SeaVuria, Executive Director and K-12 Science an d Math Program Coordinator Seattle Public Schools.
The grant also provides funding for science, math, and computer enrichment programs, mentoring and presentations by Kenyan STEM professionals and a Science Extravaganza.
We will be posting about how this program unfolds on our social media and in future publications.
“We are deeply grateful to the Team at F5 for awarding Kenya Connect and SeaVuria a Global Good grant. This support helps us educate our students to be the future change makers and problem solvers.” James Musyoka, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kenya Connect.