Radio “Read Aloud” Reaches Learners!

Schools are closed in Wamunyu until September which means that the 18,000 students from our 61 partner schools are falling further behind.  With most students without electricity or internet at their homesteads and no “educational resources,” they have few opportunities for learning during the pandemic.

In an effort to reach our students, the Kenya Connect staff created “Radio Read Aloud.”  Each week a member of our staff will be reading a book from our library and our PLC Coordinator, Judith Mutisya, will provide a lesson to accompany the story.  The program is broadcasted on MbaituFM radio thanks to our sponsor St. John’s Parish Day School.  St. John’s students raise funds for our work annually at their “Walk for Wamunyu.”

Our inaugural show on June 20th featured Monicah Kyalo reading, “How Zebras Got Their Stripes.”  Teacher Judith discussed aspects of the story and tied it to the Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum.


Kioko, a 4th grade student at Wamunyu ABC listened to the story.  “The story was fun to listen to.  I can’t wait for next week!”


One of our partner teachers Mr. Masingi wrote to us. “I listened through the introduction, story itself, and the explanation/analysis.  Honestly, it was wonderful, marvelous, fascinating.  I lack adjectives to describe.  I hope our learners follow it every Saturday.  Even teachers who follow it have an added value to their experience.  Thank you.”

Listen to our stories (we’ll be updating each week)

How Zebras Got Their Stripes Retold by Lesley Sims  Broadcast on June 20, 2020 on MbaituFM

We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by David Atwell  Broadcast on June 27, 2020 on MbaituFM