Wings Poa Program Recognized!

The Goonj Foundation, India, recognized Kenya Connect’s Wings Poa Program as a Best Practice during their Menstrual Dialogue forum in May.  We were thrilled to be included with other NGO’s working to break down barriers and stigmas of Menstruation.

Kenya Connect was also invited to present at the Mwala subcounty’s, “It’s Time to Take Action Day” on Menstrual Health.  Esther Muinde and Primma Kalunde presented our Wings Poa Reusable Sanitary Pad Kits and our Menstrual Health program for girls in Wamunyu.  This program was sponsored by World Vision, The Salvation Army, Kenya Connect and the Ministry of Health. The highlight of the day was students at Kaliambeu Primary School reciting the poem, Wings Poa.

Wings Poa by the Kaliambeu Primary School Girls
Wings Poa Wings Poa  you are a blessing to all girls, you cater for their needs and
ensure they are safe Thank you, thank you Kenya Connect.
Most of the girls were suffering because of their menstruation period. They
experienced a lot of shame, stains of blood all over their dresses. Most of them
were using tattered clothes and tissues. Not able to buy expensive sanitary
towels. Thank you, thank you Kenya Connect.
The rate of school drop out was very high but you have minimized it through
introducing Wings Poa. Girls are happy once again and now shame is a past
history. And we believe our dreams will come true, for your help we promise
never to let you down. Thank you, thank you Kenya Connect.
For all of the groups, there is none like you, you have shown us love and affection.
We lack words to thank you and ensure to work hard through thick and thin. May
God bless your team and success be on your side. Thank you, thank you Kenya