Kenya Connect Awarded 15K PayPal Tech for Good Grant!

Kenya Connect has been awarded a $15,000 grant from PayPal’s Tech for Good Program for Expanding Technology for Secondary Students in Rural Kenya.  The grant was recommended by employees at PayPal from its Timonium and Hunt Valley offices, and it will be used to provide technology education and resources to students at eight of Kenya Connect’s partner schools. Currently secondary school students in rural Kenya are at an extreme disadvantage since their classrooms lack the most basic supplies, including enough textbooks for all students, as well as being without technology, at a time when technology is booming in urban areas and Kenya is becoming the “tech hub” for East Africa. Most of these students have never used a computer and are being left behind in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology and the access of information available via the internet. This grant provides funding to purchase content-rich World Possible Rachel Plus Devices, a teacher laptop and a LED projector for teachers to use in these rural classrooms. This technology solution will give teachers the opportunity to provide content resources to students in subjects such as physics, math, biology and chemistry— subjects that our students find the biggest challenge.

Executive Director USA, Sharon Runge, stated, “We know this resource will not only help prepare our students academically, it will open new worlds and ideas to these students living in extreme poverty.” Patrick Munguti, Director of Technology and Education Programs commented, “We are excited to provide this technology to the teachers and students and I am looking forward to showing them all the resources available on the Rachel Plus devices.” James Musyoka, Executive Director, Kenya commented, “We are grateful to PayPal Tech for Good program for providing this academic enrichment for our students. It will truly open new pathways to education.”

The Expanding Technology Horizons for Secondary Students in Rural Kenya was made possible through PayPal’s Tech for Good Program which launched in 2018 and leverages the funds the company receives for retired tech assets to benefit nonprofits and schools around the world. “Tech for Good helps us extend the positive impact we seek to have as a company and actively contribute to and strengthen communities around the world,” said Julie Vennewitz-Pierce, Director of PayPal Gives. “We’re proud to leverage the funds we receive from our retired technology to allow nonprofits and schools to invest in new technology that will help advance their mission. The organizations that we are supporting through the Tech for Good program help build stronger, more inclusive communities that enable greater opportunity for individuals and families.” Kenya Connect is a great example of this effort, and we’re pleased to support their work.”