The Poems of Book Day!

As part of the first Book Day celebration at the Learning Resource Center, three secondary students were selected to recite poems they had written. We invite you to enjoy these poems.

Reading Is The Key

Reading is the key to understanding
It is the doctor to grammatical errors
Reading aids in creativity
Reading, reading is the key

Let us enhance reading skills
Let us build our grammar
Let us dig into reading
Reading, reading is the key

A book is a dream that you can hold in your hand,
It is a device to ignite imagination
A room without books is like a body without a soul
There are many ways to enlarge a child’s world; the love of books is the best of all,
Reading, reading is the Key

By: Janet Mwende Wambua

Books Are Best Friends

Books buzz in the bus
Just take a book and read
What a good encounter with books
Full of beautiful animals
Books are best friends indeed

Success lies in books
Where leaders are energized
And the future synergized today
Tomorrow is an other day another book
Books are best friends indeed

Books never look for you
Their companionship is warm
Yet you never suffer from fever
Adventures to keep you aware in the night
Books are best friends indeed

Books will never grow old
And keep you young
They take you places never you`ve never been
From uptown to upcountry,
Book is a best friend indeed,

By Evans Mwendwa


It started at a dark corner,
Just somewhere in the hideouts,
Full of themselves they whispered,
Beckoning my appetite to join,

Without hesitation I began,
More and more I took,
In the name of experimentation,
I became a slave of doom,

Too sweet they murmured,
Boss you became if you sniff it,
Mathematics to handle with ease,
And the burdens of life will ease,

In class with no concentration,
Every exam report was a curse,
Parents and teachers in great pain,
For the loss that is theirs and mine,

Year in, Year out,
The results evidence they were,
Poor grades and insults from all,
As I lost, all to pregnancy,

Now I live a wretched creature,
With no education and health,
In pursuit for inner passion,
Lost all, the apples of my life,

I stand to sing a song of recollection,
To tell it to those who hear me,
Never harken to the voice of deceive,
And lean not to the abuse of drugs,

I recollect for the sell of humanity
And to the youth rekindle sanity
Taming the drug demon
For the better society.
By Abigail Mwelu