20 Years, 20 Voices, 20 Reasons to Give


Serving students, teachers, and parents in rural Kenya for the last 20 years, Kenya Connect has been transforming the community through the power of education.

During this season of Holiday Giving, we invite you to hear the Voices of 20 people in our community to learn how your support is essential to propel us into the new year. In our 20th Anniversary year we have celebrated the opening of the Library Learning Center and the EdTech Hub. These gorgeous spaces provide students the opportunity to borrow books, listen to a story, create with art supplies and build robots. There is NO other facility like ours for at least 100 miles. We have accomplished this thanks to the generosity of donors, foundations, corporations and schools.

Will you join our Kenya Connect family this holiday season and make a gift?

On GivingTuesday, November 29, your gift WILL BE MATCHED on GlobalGiving. We invite you to make a gift ANYTIME on November 29th so that your gift will have extra GIVING POWER.

If you missed GivingTuesday, we invite you to make a gift HERE, or via Venmo (@kenya-connect) or by sending a check. During the month of December, any donation of $100 or more will be matched up to $10,000.

20 Years … 20 Voices … 20 Reasons to Give

Cross Cultural Coordinator

"I love seeing the joy on our students' faces when they receive a PenPal letter and how It opens new ideas and worlds to them. It's especially gratifying knowing that Kenya Connect was founded as a PenPal program and that it's still thriving. I am grateful to the hundreds of donors who support our work."


"I am grateful to Kenya Connect for teaching me how to be a beekeeper. The bees are beginning to colonize our hives and I am looking forward to harvesting honey! This will help me pay for food and school fees for my children."

Hershot Student

"I am proud to be belong to the HerShot program. Through the program, I have learned about and know parts of a camera and I can now take photos and videos. The photography skills that I have acquired will be used to document social functions, field study and projects. I am a photographer!"

Teacher - Kyaani PS

"It is so fulfilling to see students learn computer basics and coding using Chromebooks provided by Kenya Connect. Before I used to teach my class using one computer but now each is using his/her device to learn. The excitement of the students while working with the Chromebooks is beyond measure. I am also learning new skills from Kenya Connect teachers. We are blessed to have such an opportunity!"

KC Program Intern

"I have grown under the warmth of Kenya Connect since I was a young girl. I am a former beneficiary of The School Fund Scholarship. This scholarship was of great impact in not only my studies but also my life. I received so much support from Kenya Connect which helped, especially when I was on the verge of dropping out of school. I am playing it forward in my work at Kenya Connect to help reach and touch more lives."

Moringa Club Member - Maanzoni PS
“I am a member of the Maanzoni PS Moringa Club. At our club we learn about taking care of Moringa Trees by mulching, watering and compost manure application. We have been taking measurements to determine the growth rate. I have learned how to conserve the environment and how to use Moringa as medicine and food. I want the Moringa trees to become strong because I love Moringa and seeing them grow. Making a donation to Kenya Connect can help many students learn about Moringa and environmental conservation.”

"The LitMom program has helped me improve on my strategies of parental engagement in literacy development of my children. I am also empowered to face life challenges through the stories and experiences that we share during our meetings. Above all, I can sew clothes and I am earning a living. I am even making clothes for my children."

Bus Driver

"I love library days a lot. Whenever the bus arrives at schools, children get excited and run towards the bus with their library cards around their necks and books in their hands; welcoming us with a lot of joy. I always feel good talking and sharing with them as they pick books. I am always amazed by how most learners like spending time with me as I repair torn books for them. Learners also feel very happy when I allow them to get inside the Magic Bus."

Reader - Wakaela PS

"I love visiting the Kenya Connect library especially on Saturday for the Saturday Storytime. I like listening to stories being read aloud to me."

Teacher - Kisinzini PS

"The Teach2030 courses in the Kenya Connect Teacher Professional Development Program have helped me acquire more knowledge and skills and finding information for my lessons from the internet using my phone and other devices. Your donation will help Kenya Connect reach other teachers who will also benefit from the program."

Empowered Girl_Boy Mentor

"After a year as a mentor in the Girl/Boy Empowerment program, our girls and boys are more confident and know how to express themselves better. In addition, they are now better equipped to deal with peer pressure and have worked to identify safety networks. It's beautiful to see how their interactions with one another have changed, and they are not afraid to speak up."

Wings Poa Recipient

"I have used the WingsPoa kit for around two years and it has worked well for me. The kit has cut the cost of purchasing synthetic ones as they are so expensive. Now I don’t miss school because of my periods. The kit has been friendly and I feel comfortable using it. I have gained confidence and I can walk freely without fear."


"I am glad to be part of Kenya Connect LitMom group. Through the group I have learnt the value of unity and togetherness. I love read aloud activities because they make feel good, my mind is relaxed and refreshed. I have also acquired the skill of making floor mats which I use to earn a living. Asante sana donors for supporting the empowerment of women like me."

Reading Champ Teacher

"Students look forward to the library day at Mbuini Primary School. Even those who have gone to the nearby secondary school, Yumbuni, will always seek permission to come and check out books on a library day. This year, the Queen Reader for the Kenya Connect reading challenge came from our school. Apart from promoting a reading culture, the library days have sparked creativity levels among the students, I have seen this from how they tell and write stories."

Hannan and James
Science Extravaganza Innovators - Machakos School for the deaf

"We are happy to have participated in the Science Extravaganza. This was our first time in our school life to show our innovation of a vegetable dryer to people. At the regional extravaganza, we learnt from other students' projects. It was such an exciting opportunity!"

Student - Miondoni Sec

"My name is Responsible Ruth. Through the Expanding Horizons Club, I have learned to be more confident than I was before. I can now express myself in front of people without fear. I'm more kind and I can help others who need my help."


"I cherish Kenya Connect’s library books. They have transformed and opened the world and minds of many learners in Wamunyu. We now have a reading culture taking shape which is leading to an improvement of vocabulary and writing. We are the #VillageThatReads!"

Tech Teacher

"It's hard to believe that I'm teaching tech in the classroom where I was a student 20 years ago. It's gratifying to see how quickly the students are learning computing and coding and how it energizes their learning. Kenya Connect is making a profound difference because in my time, I had never seen a computer, let alone used one in the classroom."

Computer wiz - Nyaani PS

"When I see the Kenya Connect vehicle come to our school I get so excited because they come with Computers. I have been able to learn how to use a computer, type using the keyboard and also code a sprite. It’s so much fun!"

Co-founder _ Executive Director

"Throughout our 20 years history, Kenya Connect has experienced great milestones in the growth of our programs which have transformed our learners, teachers and parents among our 63 partner schools. Many thanks to the donors who continue to fuel our work and make a positive impact. We could not do this without you. As we focus to scale up our programs in the coming year, I encourage YOU to continue supporting our work because we know it is life-changing. Your donation empowers our next generation with a strong education!"